When and how does one country’s mass-based disintegration experience encourage or deter demands for disintegration in other countries?

Work package 1 studies when and how one country’s disintegration experience encourages or deters new disintegration bids in other states. It tracks Brexit-related contagion risks, explores contagion mechanisms, and traces how disintegration-related opinions of the same individual change over time during a disintegration referendum campaign. 
We have fielded six waves of an EU-wide tracking survey and a five-wave panel survey in Switzerland. On this basis, we have analyzed how Brexit has affected public opinion in remaining EU member states (Walter 2021a, Malet and Walter 2021a), and the effects of the Brexit process on the opinion of Swiss citizens about the country’s evolving relationship with the EU (Malet and Walter 2021b). Related work has studied the mechanisms of International contagion (Malet 2022) and the importance of expectations more generally (Grynberg, Walter and Wasserfallen 2020). 


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Giorgio Malet and Stefanie Walter. For more information, see here.