Building a theory of mass-based disintegration

Work package (WP4) aims to synthesize the insights generated in work packages 1-3 and to develop an encompassing comparative theoretical framework of the dynamics and contagion effects between public opinion, elite discourse, and international negotiations that characterize disintegration processes. Research in this work package so far has concentrated on broad, general questions and issues, such as the role of the public for international cooperation (de Vries, Hobolt, and Walter 2021) or the globalization backlash (Walter 2021b). In the next phase of the project, this work package will also work towards developing a better understanding of how mass-based disintegration relates to other forms of international non-cooperation and to explore the normative challenges that mass-based disintegration poses for international cooperation, democracy, and national sovereignty.


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People working on this work package

Stefanie Walter. For more information, see here.