How do the remaining member states respond to one member state’s mass-based disintegration bid?

Work package 3 (WP3) examines the international negotiations that follow unilateral challenges to international institutions and thus shifts focus from the national to the international level. Three analyses (Walter 2020a, b, Jurado, Léon and Walter 2021) have focused on the trade-offs and dilemmas that the EU-27 face in negotiating the terms of Brexit. The work package also examines disintegration negotiations in a comparative perspective. I have completed a set of comparative mini-case studies of the seven instances in which disintegration bids were endorsed by referendum, with a particular focus on how the respective international institution and its member state reacted to this challenge and how it played out (Walter 2021). The next step is to significantly broaden the scope of the project and to examine renegotiations and withdrawal negotiations for a much wider set of cases.


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